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Wonder of Wool: Ancient Fiber to Modern Marvel

Through December 31, 2015.
Wool is one of the most commonly used fibers in the world and easily the most misunderstood. Wonder of Wool takes a captivating look at the significance of wool, giving you a new understanding and appreciation of this fascinating fiber. Made possible in part through the generous support of Joseph Abboud Manufacturing, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Circle Health, and the Saco River Dyehouse.

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Nature by Design

Through December 31, 2015.
Nature is the oldest and richest source of design inspiration. The objects in Nature by Design share a common characteristic: they are both artful and useful, functional and aesthetically pleasing. This exhibit explores the rise and decline of the great movements of art, from Classicism and Romanticism to Art Deco, and their impact on our culture, society, and economy.


Textile Revolution

Ongoing Exhibit

Visit the ATHM’s core exhibition, to spin, weave, recycle, and design your way through textile history.

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Textile Arts Classes

ATHM’s textile arts education
programs provide an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for students of all levels and ages. Sign up for a class today!

Downton Abbey Fashion Primer 11.1 or 9.15Downton Abbey Fashion Primer 1912-1924

Join Madelyn Shaw for a look at how costumes in the popular drama define character and illustrate the place in society that the characters occupy.