What’s in a Name?

Our names become our identity. Parents name their children. Children name their pets. Buildings are named after famous people. Street corners are named after veterans or special people in the neighborhood. And some people even change their names!

Many brand names become so popular that the brand name becomes the product! Kleenex for facial tissue, Xerox for photocopiers, Band-Aid for adhesive bandages. Can you think of more?

Well, here at the ATHM, we named our store for the heart of what we are: Textiles, but changed the spelling to reflect the variety of stylish merchandise we have. TexStyles, the store at ATHM.

So come visit TexStyles and win a $25 gift certificate for your next shopping spree!

Learn more about TexStyles through this acrostic poem:

T for Throws woven at ATHM
E for Earthmates, Recycled Fuzzy Animals
X for “X”tra nice merchandise
S for Solmate Socks made in Vermont
T for Textile technique books
Y for You Doo Dolls – make your own Mini-Me
L for Love to have you visit
E for EnviroSax – lightweight travel bags
S for Silk Sari Yarn

P.S. Have a special item of interest you would like us to sell? Let us know and we will do our best to find it.

Sandra Price
Coordinator of Volunteer and Visitor Services and Store Manager

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