Update on the Chace Catalogue

For those of you interested in the progress of our online catalogue, we are pleased to announce that the Chace Catalogue now contains 30,000 records!!! Most of the records are from the Osborne Library but there is a good percentage of curatorial records, especially from the costume and textile collections. Visit http://chace.athm.org to check it out!

As we reported in the latest issue of the Textile Times, our museum newsletter, the Osborne Library has added over 500 media files to the Chace Catalogue. What does this mean? Now you can view a table of contents, a book review, links to websites and, in some cases, a full text copy of a book right on your screen.

To see a great example of this, just go to the Chace Catalogue and type “Cavalry Troop C” in the basic search box. What you will find is a photograph related to the Textile Worker’s Strike of 1912 and a link to an external website with detailed information about the strike.

Better yet, check out Jeremy Fielding’s draft book. Type “Fielding, Jeremy” in the basic search box and click on the link under related materials. Just flip the pages to see his notes, view samples, and much more right from your desktop.

Stay tuned for more additions to the Chace Catalogue as we add more and more media files.

Hurricanes and the Textile Industry in New England

Bad weather has always had an impact on the New England mills. Here are a few dramatic images from our collection:

“Ruins of the Reading (Pennsylvania) Silk Mill destroyed by Cyclone, Jan. 9, 1889.” The photograph shows the ruins of the Grimshaw Brothers silk mill destroyed by a tornado with over 200 operatives inside, many of whom were killed or injured.

A view of the Minterburn Mill in Rockville, Conn. This photograph shows flood damage from the Great Hurricane of 1938. Minterburn was part of the Hockanum Mills Company which was sold to M.T. Stevens & Sons of North Andover, Mass. in 1934.

A view of damage done to Elm St., North Andover, Mass. during Hurricane Edna, 1954. Buildings from Davis & Furber Machine Company (textile machinery) are in background.

View of flood damage to the foundation of a Hockanum Mills Company building in Rockville, Conn. from the Great Hurricane of 1938.

View of Warwick Mills, Centreville, R.I. The Hurricane of 1938 opened up the fourth floor of the mill and brought down trees.

Clare Sheridan

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