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I developed my love of old magazines during graduate school when I spent hundreds of hours poring over early twentieth century editions of Vogue and Ladies Home Journal collecting research for my thesis. It’s not just the glamorous gowns that delight and intrigue me but also the quirky captions, hokey medical remedies, and ads for products long since obsolete. So it was with great delight that I was recently able to spend a wonderful day poring over a colleague’s collection of magazines in preparation for our upcoming 1930s fashion exhibition. This initial trip was just to get a feel for the time period and compare some of the fashions with those in the Museum’s collection.


This white and black dotted Swiss in ATHM’s collection is similar in styling to this striped dress in McCall’s Style News from October, 1937.

Keep your eye out for the fruits of this research when our exhibition opens at the end of May.

Karen Herbaugh

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