Textile Arts Classes at ATHM: a Natural Fit!


Every organization that offers programming intends to play to its strengths and do what they do best as a primary focus. That’s only natural. For ATHM, the entire museum is a celebration of the art, science, and history of textile creativity, and it would seem natural for us to teach textile arts techniques as a supplement to this.

Offering techniques classes is a mixed blessing. Coordinating the classes is a tricky undertaking with the range of skill levels and busy lives of interested would-be (or variously experienced) weavers, knitters, sewers, felters, and quilters out there, but we keep at it. Part of the fun of this venture comes with connecting with the local artists who are our teachers. There are tremendously talented individuals right in our midst who have honed their skills with love of the art, and are ready to pass it on to the next generation of textile techies.

Below is our list of summertime samplers, each offering an opportunity to jump in and get creative. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet – the water is warm and welcoming!

Sue Bunker
Director of Education

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