Field Trip Guides

Please note: ATHM has closed our doors to the public and are offering no further education programs.

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Educator’s Pass

One free-admission educator’s pass will be sent to teachers with a confirmed booking. Please use this pass to visit the Museum in preparation for your class’s visit.

Before Visiting the Museum

The following information is presented to assist educators in preparing students for their visit to the Museum:

  • When you pre-register for your visit, discuss what your class is studying with the education coordinator
  • Use your free educator’s pass to familiarize yourself with the Museum prior to your class trip
  • Review your Reservation Confirmation Form to be sure that all the information is correct
  • Review the Museum’s guidelines for visiting the Museum
  • Use some of the pre- and post-trip suggestions below to get your students ready for their visit

Downloadable Field Trip Guides are currently available for the following programs:

Pre-Visit Activities for Your Class

Ask students to write down questions they may have and bring them along so they can ask a Museum educator.

Post-Visit Activities for Your Class

We encourage educators to build upon student’s thoughts about their visit to the Museum when they will return to the classroom. A Museum educator may be available to visit the classroom to discuss their experience.

  • Send examples of students’ reactions to their Museum visit, such as drawings or letters, to the Education Department at the Museum. These examples may be printed or used on the website or in social media.
  • Review pre-visit discussions to see what new ideas students learned.
  • Create a class mural about the trip by passing around a large sheet of paper so students can write or sketch their impressions of the trip.
  • Have students research any issues or questions that came up during their tour.
  • Talk to other educators about the visit, and share how the Museum can be used as a resource to enhance classroom learning.
  • Ask students to tell their parents about their trip to the Museum. Suggest they return to the Museum with their families.
  • Complete and return the evaluation form that was included with the confirmation package.