Homeschool Programs

Please note: ATHM has permanently closed our doors and we are no longer offering Homeschool Programs. However, we are pleased to share that some educational programs have been transferred to the North Andover Historical Society.



Previous programs offered:

The American Textile History Museum provides your homeschoolers with the opportunity to learn about the art, history, and science of textiles, and to discover the impact of industrialization and textile production on their world and individual lives. The Museum welcomes homeschoolers to consider scheduling any of our Field Trips and Thematic Programs that complement your homeschool curriculum or sign up for one of our pre-scheduled Homeschool Days. We can adapt most programs to serve smaller groups with an age-range of students. 

Advance registrations are required for all homeschool programs. Please fill out a reservation request form or sign up for one of our pre-scheduled Homeschool Days programs below. The Museum reserves the right to cancel or change scheduled programs.

Read an article about our Homeschool Programs from ATHM’s newsletter, Textile Times.

“This is our first time here, and we are very impressed! Kathy is an awesome teacher and was able to communicate to the students in a concise, interesting way that they could understand and enjoy. We are always looking for programs that add value to the homeschool experience – not just for the sake of going out.  The kids are learning a lot and enjoying it. We will definitely be coming back.”
       – Denise Cedras, Milford, NH, mother of Matthias, 14, and Marcus, 11

“The teaching team is so creative in doing hands-on inventions and activities. The kids get a great lesson in history, but have so much fun doing it. They couldn’t wait to come here and I can’t wait to come back.”
Stacie Cannon, Boylston, MA, mother of Claire, 12, Grace, 10, and Bella, 7

Homeschool Days