My Mother Always Said…


Growing up, my mother would offer her advice to me in the form of “it will look good on your resume.” I would ultimately decide if what I chose to do, whether it was a job, membership in an association, or volunteering, would really “look good” on my resume and help me move forward with my career goals.

I chose opportunities that I liked and wanted to do. As a member of a ski club, I volunteered to design posters advertising social events and was chairman of a fundraising committee to host a Monte Carlo Night. During one Christmas season, I volunteered to venture into the snowy deep woods (with two companions) and cut down the best Christmas tree out there! In the back of my mind, I was thinking: “would that look good on my resume?”

Several years ago, I volunteered to write the minutes for a neighborhood group that I am a member of. I now “volunteer” to write the minutes for our museum staff meetings. Writing the minutes may not be the most exciting thing to do, but it allows me to focus on the speaker, while taking clear notes.

There were many other “it will look good on my resume” opportunities. I’ve met many wonderful people, learned new things, and adapted along the way. I developed my skill set, which helped move my career forward; first as an elementary school teacher, then as an educational publishing sales representative, and now as Coordinator of Volunteer and Visitor Services at the American Textile History Museum.

ATHM staff gather to celebrate the birthdays of two longtime volunteers, Cy Lemieux and Tom Rockwell.

Have you been involved or currently involved in a volunteer/community service activity that you would like to share? How has it changed your way of doing things? Do you have a new perspective?

Please share your stories! And remember, “it will look good on your resume!”

Sandra Price
Coordinator of Volunteer and Visitor Services

P.S. What’s your interest? Are you skilled in the arts, education, or have a special talent to share? We would love to hear from you!

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