Labor Day Aspirations


Labor Day: traditionally dedicated to the achievements of the American worker, the holiday also marks the unofficial end of summer. Autumn (my favorite time of the year) is right around the corner. I really enjoy the cool crisp air, brilliant fall foliage, and going apple picking. I even like raking leaves – go figure!

In turn, the thought of cooler weather approaching sparks my desire to once and for all learn how to knit. There are plenty of people in my family who are proficient knitters. My aunt and cousins knit. They’re all constantly working on something or other. My mother’s cousin knitted and crocheted until she was well into her 90s. Even my mother, who is not a “crafty” person by any stretch of the imagination, has managed to complete a few respectable looking projects. I, however, am clearly lacking the knitting gene.

Years ago, my great aunt confidently declared that she could teach me how to knit and crochet. Unfortunately, she wasn’t successful. It was a complete disaster and we both gave up in frustration. My main problem is in achieving the proper tension. Apparently, I excel at pulling the yarn too tight, ultimately making a ridiculous mess out of any knitting project. Everyone tells me to relax, loosen my grip, not to take it so seriously, but for some reason I can’t.

Scarecrow, knitted by the Atlanta Knitting Guild, 1100.211

 I have to say that when the museum first re-opened, I was definitely inspired by the knitted scarecrow that graces the top of the staircase in the exhibit. Thus far, none of the talent that went into creating the piece has rubbed off on me. But I’m still hopeful. I haven’t given up yet. So this fall, I will once again dig out my knitting needles and try to learn how to knit properly. I’m not expecting amazing results, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to make something that is presentable and doesn’t look like it’s been shrunk in the wash.

Deborah-Ann Giusti
Curatorial Assistant

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