When you support ATHM, you become a part of something very special. You are a part of preserving the past and shaping the future. You are part of the collection and care of rare and unique textiles important to American history, of the hands-on education of thousands of students, and the development of innovative, exciting, and relevant exhibitions to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Gifts and pledges from the donors listed have advanced the mission of the Museum by supporting ATHM’s education programs, collections, core exhibition, special exhibitions, general operating expenses, special events, special projects, and the endowment.

Thank you to these generous contributors

Virginia Adams
William and Clementine Alexis
Joyce Andrews
Nina and Arthur Anton
Peter and Rosemary Aucella
Andrew and Joan Bailey
Lynne and David Bassett
Peter and Karen Bell
Donna and Bruce Berger
Donna Besecker and Jack Walsh
John P. Bishop
Donna Bister
Dana and Kathleen Booth
Diane Boudreau
Robert and Laura Boyd III
Roger Bradford and Martha Stanton
Regina and David Bragdon
Karey Bresenhan
Paul and Elise Brouillette
Blair and Carol Brown
John Buscanera
Bonnie and Robert Caffray
Chuck Caragianes and Paulette Renault-Caragianes
John W. Carson
Peter J. Caruso
MacFarlane Cates
Chelmsford Friends of the Library
Fred C. Church Insurance
Nancy and Lincoln Clark
James and Peggy Coleman
Community Teamwork, Inc.
Converse, Inc.
Virginia L. Coolidge
Brenda Costello
Jennifer Delikat
Stephen R. Dolan and Fiona J. Leek
William and Barbara Donnelly
Kay Doyle
Judith A. Durant
D’Youville Life and Wellness Community
Kathryn Eklund
John F. Evers
Fabric Traditions
Linda Fenton
Anya Figuerido
James M. Fitzgibbons
Patricia and Warner Fletcher
Joe and Mozelle Foran
William M. Fowler
Jameson and Priscilla French
Colleen Fuller
Deborah Fung
Caroline and Ralph Gakenheimer
GE Foundation
Stephen and Maureen Gervais
Nancy B. Ghareeb
Albert and Mary Jane Gilet
Mary T. Gilliland
Dudley J. Godfrey, Jr. 1996 Trust
Guido Goldman
Eileen Gravlin-Dunn
Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Linda and William Green
Dorcas Grigg-Saito and Yoshio Saito
Sarah Guevara
Renate and Timothy Haarmann
William and Jan Haddad
Nicholas Hahn
Donna L. Halper
Susan Halter
Handweavers Guild of Connecticut
Edward and Peg Harding
Gerald and Sheila Hardy
Joan and David Healy
Robert and Barbara Henderson
Brenda and Larry Herbaugh
Terry and Phyllis Howard
Llewellyn and Jessie Howland III
Donald and Agnes Hughes
David and Anne Jackson
Leonard and Louise Johnson
Steven Joncas
Belinda Juran
Jeanette and Stanley Kimmel
Susan Klawans
Harriet F. Koch
Penny Lacroix
Janet Lambert-Moore
Warren C. Lane, Jr.
George B. Leahey
John Leite
Sheila Levenseler and William Taylor
Robin and Derek Licata
Selina F. Little
Jacob Harrison Long
Anita B. Loscalzo
The Lowell Plan, Inc.
Lowell Heritage Partnership, Inc.
John and Margaret Lowry
Friends of the Lunenburg Public Library
Dorothy Macomber and Roger McLellen
Richard and Donna Main
Don Main
Susan Stephanie Martin
Sally and John Matson
Deborah Mayerson
Martha Mayo
David J. McKenna
Carolyn L. Millard
Carolyn A. Mills
Susan Mitchell and James Waldo
Linda Moore
Elise Morenon and Anders Meyer
Sarah Morenon
Sandra and Donald Munsey
Jenny Murphy
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
Hieu and Sherry Nguyen
Joanne Nissen
Rosemary Noon and Paul Marion
Jamie O’Hearn
Lynn and Patrick O’Shea
Nels A. Palm
Dennis and Sandra Panicali
Shirley Parish
Theresa Park
Wayne and Susan Pasanen
John and Lydia Perkins
Paul and Mary Perkins
Jane A. Phillips
Harold and Frances Pratt
Sandra M. Price
Brenda Price
PrideStar EMS
Richard and Johanna Rakauskas
Joan K. Rayno
Patricia Reighley
Kathleen Reticker and John Flynn
Rachel Roach
Bruce Robinson
Carl and Norma Rondina
Donald Ross and Nancy Faye Glass
John W. Sears
Norma Smayda
Merritt Roe Smith and Bronwyn Mellquist
Rosemonde R. Spinelli
Adrienne and Patricia St. John
Joy S.G. Stafford
Tora Sterregaard
Clifford and Tiffany Stevens
Steven Swett
Robert E. Swift
Jennifer and Ian Swope
Anne Symchych
Susan Targove
Jean and Charles Thompson
Patti J. Thompson
Anne F. Tierney
Dorinda L. Toppan
David and Gay Tracy
Eileen A. Trainor
Joseph and Marion Tratnyek
U.S. Trust
Barbara Uhrie
Ruth S. Veasey
Theresa Vitolo
Emily V. Wade
Joan T. Walther
Carolyn and William Wheatley
Joan Wheeler
Whidbey Weavers Guild
Lisa Wiesner
Kira Wigoda and Daniel Sobel
Stephen and Lucy Winship
Katherine Wisser
Kathy Withington
Dorothy J. Woodle
Carol L. Wooten and William Lepore
Susan K. Zacharer