Creating the Perfect Halloween Costume


With less than two short weeks until Halloween, it seems that everyone—from the anchors of the Today Show to those of us with young children or grandchildren—is spending a tremendous amount of time planning the perfect costume.

Lady Gaga is a popular choice this year, and our nine-year-old granddaughter Sofia is busy working on her interpretation of the pop star with the help of her mother, who is a fashion designer in New York. Our four-year-old grandson Cedar will be wearing the Thomas the Train costume that we gave him last month when we all had an unforgettable ride on the famous engine. His twenty-one month old sister Jasmine will be fluttering her ladybug wings when they venture out into their neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado.

Cedar as a pumpkin.

Granddaughter Lulu who is two-and-a-half will be a pretty princess waving her magic wand, although she already has all of us under her spell! Granddaughters Adreana and Leia and their father John are well-known for their very imaginative costumes, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with this year.

Leia and Adreana as King and Queen.

Luke is the youngest grand child by just a few weeks and I’m sure that his parents will also be very creative with his costume. No matter what age we are, it seems that we all enjoy dressing up and getting together with family and friends to celebrate this spooky holiday. Although dressing in costumes dates back thousands of years, and is often associated with superstitions and folklore tales about witches, today we see more attention to popular culture, such as dressing as a favorite movie character or rock star.

Perhaps dressing up relieves the stress of daily life as we step out of character for just one night. Costumes allow us to fantasize about who we might be if we could reinvent ourselves. When my children were quite young I appeared at a neighborhood house party as Wonder Woman – much to the astonishment of my friends and family who obviously thought of me more as a wife and mother than a super hero.

Elphaba from Wicked.

Of course my love of fashion and fabrics is the main reason that I love to dress up on Halloween. With make-up and a few yards of black satin, I can be magically transformed into an elegant Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or Elphaba the scary green witch in Wicked! The possibilities are only limited by my imagination.

So have fun this Halloween and let your imagination help you create the perfect costume!

Linda Carpenter
Director of Advancement

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