New Homes of ATHM Collections

ATHM’s legacy: The impact of ATHM’s collections.

View the complete list of ATHM collections, sorted alphabetically by the organizations to which they have been transferred.

(Note: A small percentage of objects were discarded due to poor condition.)

ATHM Collections Transfer List, Part 1: A – C
Including significant transfers to Allentown Art Museum, Columbus College of Art & Design, Cooper Hewitt, and Cornell University Library (which received the bulk of the ATHM Osborne Library). 

ATHM Collections Transfer List, Part 2: D-Y
Including significant transfers to Lasell College, Lawrence History Center, Marshfield School of Weaving, Osher Map Library, Randolph Heritage Conservancy (machinery collection), Museum of American History, McCarl Coverlet Gallery, The Henry Ford, UMass Lowell, and the Winterthur. 

Among the transfers: