99 Years of Keds

By Alyssa Shirley Morein, ATHM Volunteer and Writer at Final Word Consulting

It’s hard to believe that sneaker brand Keds will be celebrating its hundredth anniversary next year. Many of us, at some point in our lives, have worn this popular brand, created in 1916 by the U.S. Rubber Company in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

United States Rubber Co. Keds: sporting & outing shoes. Des Moines, Iowa: United States Rubber Co., 1918. Accn. #2009.93.1.

Shown here is a pamphlet from the company, titled “Keds’ Sporting and Outing Shoes.” Published two years after the birth of the brand, it pictures styles that may be surprising to viewers of today. With innovative canvas tops and rubber soles, the company brought a new level of comfort and practicality to the popular shoe styles of the era, and as this pamphlet shows, sold a variety of styles to suit different genders, occasions, and budgets.

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