Generations/Transformations: American Fiber Art:

April 12 2003- July 20, 2003

An exhibition exploring the work of several generations of exceptional artists who use fiber materials and techniques will be shown in ATHM’s changing exhibit gallery from April 12 through July 20, 2003. Six internationally recognized artists were invited to exhibit work spanning their careers. Then each chose both an artist who influenced their early career and an innovative emerging artist for inclusion in the exhibit.


Lichtenstein Teapot/Oh, Jeff, 2001,
by Kate Anderson
Knotted waxed linen
8.5 x 10 x 1.75”
Collection of Ginger and Irvin Gomprecht

The artists use a wide range of techniques, including hand- and computer-assisted weaving; tapestry; knotted, coiled and constructed sculptural forms; collage; embroidery; and a variety of traditional and innovative dyeing and patterning methods. Exhibited pieces will include works of both monumental and intimate scale, using natural and synthetic materials, and both abstract and representational images.

Generations/Transformations will show the origins and progress of the fiber art movement from the perspective of the artists themselves, with artists’ statements, early photographs, and printed materials displayed with the artworks. By showing works from different stages of their careers, we will follow the influence of the first generation of artists and the directions taken by their students in expanding the possibilities of fiber as an expressive medium.

The artists whose work will be included are:
Joanne Segal Brandford Lia Cook Kate Anderson
Edna Martin Ana Lisa Hedstrom Susan Taber Avila
Ed Rossbach Helena Hernmarck Angelina DeAntonis
Lenore Tawney Ferne Jacobs Mollie Fletcher
Kimono Art from Japan Gyongy Laky Susan Lordi Marker
Cynthia Schira Pauline Verbeek-Cowart


image_exhibit_generations_tawney_verdiLenore Tawney
Verdi, 1967
Collage, paper and bone on linen
11″ x 13″
Courtesy of Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Collection of Robert and Mary Montgomery
image_exhibit_generations_sojournerJoanne Segal Brandford
Sojourner, 1992
Tubular sprang; rattan, nylon, dye
13″ x 30″ x 16″
Collection of the Family of Joanne Segal Brandford
Photo: Joanne Segal Brandford
image_exhibit_generations_kasuriEd Rossbach
Kasuri Heads III, 1966 (detail)
Weft ikat cotton mounted on linen
17″ x 14″
Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery
image_exhibit_generations_poems_sorrowEdna Martin
Poems of Sorrow, 1984
Fabric collage with embroidery
15″ x 8″
Courtesy of Edna Martin
image_exhibit_generations_apricot_orbGyöngy Laky
Apricot Orb, 2000
Apricot prunings, hand painted dowels
19″ x 22″ diam.
Collection of Joseph Azrack and Abigail Congdon
Photo: M. Lee Fatherree
image_exhibit_generations_schira_amongCynthia Schira
One Among Several, 2002
Jacquard woven cotton
53.5″ x 48″
Courtesy of Cynthia Schira
Photo: Pierre Arpin
image_exhibit_generations_translucenceLia Cook
Translucence 1978
Woven rayon
60″ x 36″
Collection of Ruth Jamison
Photo: Lia Cook
image_exhibit_generations_blanket_skirtAngelina DeAntonis
Blanket Skirt 1
Fold and clamp resist dyed wool gabardine, natural dyes
Courtesy of Angelina DeAntonis/Ocelot
image_exhibit_generations_lordi_markerSusan Lordi Marker
Generations I
Nylon, iron, pigment
116″ x 32″
Courtesy of Susan Lordi Marker
Photo: Doug Koch
image_exhibit_generations_fletcher_sentinelsMollie Fletcher
Sentinels, 2002
Linen, cotton, and wool; handwoven with inserted tapestry
13″ x 8″
Courtesy of Mollie Fletcher
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