Guilty as charged with no excuse. Yes I am guilty of desertion of our blog. I started it way back when and had ambitious plans to keep it up to date as we progressed through the building of the new exhibit. I dropped the ball!!! I am sorry for that and I apologize for it. I hope any of you whose expectations I did not meet will forgive me.

Our new exhibit, TEXTILE REVOLUTION… AN EXPLORATION THROUGH SPACE AND TIME opened to the public last June and we’ve had nothing but very positive reviews and feedback from the public. It’s gratifying for all of us who worked on the project to hear the comments from people and how much they enjoyed what we built. Gratification is nice but we’ve got plenty of work yet to do. We need to get more people here to enjoy the exhibit and then spread the word so still more people come and enjoy. We need more and more and more. More people, more members, more donors, more foundations supporting our efforts as more will help us build a stronger foundation for the future. We are known to have the most significant combined collection of historic textile items in the Americas and possibly the world. Those are pretty impressive credentials and a good part of the reason why we work so hard to solidify the museum’s future. We are a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum and while there are a number of other museums that are Smithsonian Affiliates we are one of the few that has a collection that is on par with Smithsonian collections. Textile history oozes from this place. We’ve got to find a way to make ATHM find our true and secure place in history for the future.
To the right is a photograph of some of our visiting kids checking out our “baseball” wall.

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