Current Exhibitions

Nature by Design


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As ATHM undergoes a significant transformation, this exhibit is currently open only to members, educational programs, and private groups. Become a member today.

Nature is the oldest and richest source of design inspiration. The objects in Nature by Design share a common characteristic: they are both artful and useful, functional and aesthetically pleasing. This exhibit explores the rise and decline of the great movements of art, from Classicism and Romanticism to Art Deco, and their impact on our culture, society, and economy. 

Ongoing Exhibitions

Textile Revolution

Textiles, Clothing and Fashion

Visit the ATHM’s core exhibition, Textile Revolution, to spin, weave, recycle, and design your way through textile history. See how textiles are changing your world, from protective clothing for firefighters and soldiers to revolutionary “shark skin” suits for our gold-medal Olympic swimmers – and so much more. You’ll never look at the fascinating world of textiles the same way again.

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