Homeschool Programs

The Museum welcomes homeschoolers to consider scheduling any of our educational programs or mini-programs that complement your homeschool curriculum. We can adapt most programs to serve smaller groups with an age-range of students. We also have on-site play areas at the Museum to occupy youngsters not participating in a program while their siblings are. Read an article about our Homeschool Programs from ATHM’s newsletter, Textile Times.

The cost for a homeschoool group to participate in a program is a flat fee of $90 for the first 10 students. Each additional student pays $6 and one adult per student is admitted free of charge. Additional adults cost $6.

Homeschool Program

“This is our first time here, and we are very impressed! Kathy is an awesome teacher and was able to communicate to the students in a concise, interesting way that they could understand and enjoy. We are always looking for programs that add value to the homeschool experience – not just for the sake of going out.  The kids are learning a lot and enjoying it. We will definitely be coming back.”
       - Denise Cedras, Milford, NH, mother of Matthias, 14, and Marcus, 11

“The teaching team is so creative in doing hands-on inventions and activities. The kids get a great lesson in history, but have so much fun doing it. They couldn’t wait to come here and I can’t wait to come back.”
      - Stacie Cannon, Boylston, MA, mother of Claire, 12, Grace, 10, and Bella, 7

Homeschool Days

Homeschool students can also participate in a pre-scheduled Homeschool Day. Each student and adult attending the workshop is charged a fee of $5 per person. Persons not working directly with the students, and visiting the American Textile History Museum only are charged regular Museum admission. The programs require a minimum of 10 students to be held.

Travel the Silk Road
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
10am – 12pm

Travel the Silk Road focuses on the history of this series of caravan routes with trading posts and oases, which extended from China to the Mediterranean Sea. Linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, these historic routes served as important paths for trading goods and exchanging cultural ideas and religious beliefs. Using a world map and life-sized game board, students will learn about how goods were transported by a series of agents on various routes and how and trade took place in the bustling mercantile markets of oasis towns.

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Refund policy:
Students must prepay in order to participate in a program. Refund requests are granted up to 7 days before program. Refunds will not be granted to students that do not cancel within the 7 day time period prior to the program. ATHM requires a minimum enrollment of 10 students to run a program. A full refund will be granted for programs that do not take place due to insufficient enrollment. Students will be notified 7 days before the program is scheduled to begin if the class has been cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.


Homeschool Program   Homeschool Program


Homeschool Program