Presidentís Distinguished Service

The Presidentís Distinguished Service Award recognizes individual Trustees or Advisors who have shown exemplary leadership and generosity to the American Textile History Museum. The 2011 recipient of the Presidentís Distinguished Service Award was Richard W. Main, recognizing his years of service to the Museum and to the community. Mr. Main, President of Enterprise Bank in Lowell, served as a member of the ATHM Board of Trustees beginning in 2003, serving with distinction and dedication as the Chair of the Finance Committee. He now serves the museum as a member of the Board of Advisors.

Previous Honorees:

  • 2011 Ė Richard W. Main

  • 2010 - William B. Gannett, John A. Goodwin and posthumously to J. Craig Huff, Jr. and E. Kent Swift, Jr.

  • 2009 - Ruth B. Ward and Kenneth J. McAvoy

  • 2008 - Samuel S. Rogers

  • 2007 - Edward B. Stevens