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ATHM is the former home of the American Textile History Museum, which operated in Lowell, Massachusetts from it’s founding in 1960 through it’s closing in 2016.  ATHM was founded to tell the story of America’s history through the art and technology of textiles.

While the museum closed and the ATHM 501-(c)(3) organization dissolved in 2016, ATHM.org continues as an online resource for textile art and technology.  See below for more information on what ATHM is all about:

Textile and Fabric Encyclopedia

We serve as an encyclopedia for textiles and fabric information.  We cover (or endeavor to cover) all kinds of textiles and fabrics, from Acrylic cloth to Zibeline fabric, and all types of fabric in-between!  We will also cover weaves,

These guides can be useful for choosing a material for your next crafts project, fashion design, or furniture upholstery.  We cover everything from the history of a fabric, its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, cost, and best place to buy.

Textile Art and Artists

We feature art of contemporary and historic textile artists, as well as tutorials and guides for textile art techniques.  Find your new favorite artist, or your new favorite textile art technique!

Are you a textile artist and would like to get featured? Let us know!

Sewing Guides, Tutorials, and Patterns

We also provide sewing guides, tutorials, and a range of free sewing patterns to inform your next project.  Combine the knowledge of textiles and fabric with the skills and techniques of sewing and embroidery.

Contribute to ATHM!

Are you in the textile, fashion, or crafts business and would like to get your name out there?  We accept contributions of tutorials, projects, and technical content.  Contact us and let us know.

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