ATHM Collections Transfer Update

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As we prepare to permanently close our museum, we have begun the painstaking, year-long process to transfer our entire collection to other organizations for continuing public benefit.

Artifacts in the ATHM collection are held on behalf of the public and, as such, will be relocated to other nonprofit or government organizations to ensure future public access and benefit.

Collections Requests


Nonprofit and government organizations interested in acquiring portions of the ATHM collection may email us a request for consideration by ATHM’s Collections Committee. The Collections Committee is seeking committed nonprofit or government organizations that are able to serve as faithful, long-term stewards and meet the following criteria:

  •  Are financially stable and of good reputation
  •  Can take the largest segments or entire collection
  •  Will make the collections available for research and public access


ATHM is unable to entertain requests from individuals or for-profit organizations. Artifacts in the ATHM collection are held on behalf of the public, for public benefit, and as such, will be transferred to nonprofit or government organizations to ensure future public access. Objects donated to ATHM cannot be returned to individuals unless stipulated in the donation agreement.

Status of Transfer Process

As the transfer of collections is finalized (a process expected to take many months),  we will make every effort to share on this site the future homes for the collections as they are relocated.

Need for support

ATHM embraces our serious legal and ethical responsibility to the Museum’s collection, and we are working closely with the Attorney General’s Office to ensure the responsible care and stewardship of the collections. We ask that all who share a love of and concern for America’s textile history and heritage to help us ensure the faithful stewardship of the collection as we relocate the artifacts in our care. Please consider a donation today.